Download Smart LED TV CV638H-D Firmware Free Download

Download Smart LED TV CV638H-D Firmware Free Download
Download Smart LED TV CV638H-D Firmware Free Download

Hi, Nowhere is available CV638H-D Firmware for Free Download. if you want to download this software/firmware then you are at the right place, here you can download all resolutions of CV638H-D Software for free. We provide all tested software/firmware files and freely on this site. Please update the firmware if you have the proper knowledge about this. If you do in a wrong way, it may be caused to damage your CV638H_D Smart LED TV Board. So, if you were searching for CV638H-D Firmware then download from here and use it easily with the USB Disk Drive.

As you know this post is about CV638H-D Firmware, so let’s see details about the firmware. This firmware/software file is applicable for 3840×1060 resolution screen panels and it is dedicated to LC650RU1A screen panel.CV638H-D Firmware Free Download
CV638H-D Smart Board Specifications
Model: CV638H-D
Brand: Smart Universal LED TV Board
Ram: 756MB/1GB
Rom: 4GB/8GB
Processor: Dual-Core
Operating System: Android 4.4
Wifi: Yes, Built-in
Mirror mode: is available in this board
Resolution Supported: 3840×2160
Ports: USB-2/HDMI-3(1.4=1,2.0=2) and more…
CV638H-D Firmware/Software Update
If you are new and you want to update/install firmware in CV638H-D Smart LED TV Board then you can do this easily. We have mentioned some important points below, please follow them and then install the firmware easily.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any damage loss during the installation of the firmware/software

1- Choose the exact firmware files according to your Screen panel’s resolution and download the files

2- After download, extract the files, you can use WinRAR to extract your files in a single BIN file

3- Now, after extract, you will get a BIN file named “CtvUpgrade.bin” this is the main files that you have to copy in a USB Disk drive

4- After copying the files, Insert USB Dri
ve to the main (CV638H-D) motherboard and Plugin the 220v power source

5- Now, Press the power key on the board and wait for some seconds, after waiting you will see the red led is started glowing

6- When it stops glowing/blinking remove the USB Disk drive and start your led tv using your remote

CV638H-D Software Free Download

Hi, If you want to download the firmware of the CV638H-D Universal Smart Board then it is very easy to download. If you don’t know how to download and you want to know then you have to watch our youtube video to learn completely. Click Here to watch the video, please watch the complete video, after watching the video you will be able to download the firmware/software easily

Download CV638H-D Firmware

CV638H-D 3840×2160

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