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Latest MagicClock Repair Tool–iCloud Bypass for Apple Watch (Series 1 upto Series 3)

Latest MagicClock Repair Tool–iCloud Bypass for Apple Watch (Series 1 upto Series 3).MagicClock Repair Tool For mac os only now tool in the testing period soon release The MagicClock Repair Tool currently supports the Apple Watch (Original), Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3. It is currently in DEVELOPMENT (as stated in the video), however, access can be requested from Jan Fabel! Here are the creator's Twitter links:

Jan Fabel's Twitter:​
Shen Zao's Twitter:
Introducing MagicClock! An Apple Watch repair tool made by the creator of MagicCFG! In the first-ever video showcasing this repair tool, I show the FIRST EVER Setup Unlock Method for the Apple Watch (CAN’T be in lost mode, or it won’t work). Not released Yet

This tool is not released yet, it still in a demo, but the video shows how MagicClock works. an impressive piece of software, congratulations on potentially saving many Apple watches from becoming another part of apple e-waste.

the developers are :
Jan Fabel’s:​
Shen Zao’s:

To make this tool work you will need an iBus adapter to read the apple watch Serial, Bluetooth, and wifi address.

There are some quite interesting points that I would like to elaborate on.

Hermès Watch Faces
First, I was wondering if it’s possible to add the exclusive watch faces to a “non-Hermès” Apple Watch by editing the sysCFG to recognize the watch as an Hermès watch. Since I haven’t been able to find a sysCFG backup of a Hermès Apple Watch yet, it will probably be a while before I can try it out….

iCloud Unlocking
Before I get terrorized in my DMs again, yes, it is possible to unlock an Apple Watch from iCloud by specifically editing the serial number, WiFi Mac address and Bluetooth Mac address.
I tested the whole thing for fun with a friend of mine (@AppleDemoYT) and the previously locked Apple Watch could be activated and connected to an iPhone without any problems.
How long the whole fun will be possible remains to be seen. Apple doesn’t sleep either…
Of course, it would be a great way to be able to unlock many mistakenly and unknowingly locked Apple Watches that would otherwise just end up as electronic waste like this.
As a supporter of #RightToRepair, I would definitely be happy about this if the whole thing doesn’t get patched right away….
For all of you who are now thinking of unlocking Apple Watches in Lost Mode, shame on you….

But there are definitely more possibilities.
Maybe it’s also useful for NAND repairs, Display replacements, or other repair stuff which is connected to values in the system configuration…

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