Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch 4 Classic ECG and Blood Pressure Features Add

Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch 4 Classic ECG and Blood Pressure Features Add

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with ECG and blood pressure monitoring but is available only in selected regions due to issues with FDA approval. If you own this smartwatch anywhere in the world, be it India or USA, you can still use the ECG and blood pressure monitor with a simple hack. In this article, let’s see how to enable and use ECG and blood pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 in any country.

What are ECG and Blood Pressure?

ECG or Electrocardiogram helps to detect the heartbeat rhythm and electrical activity of the heart. The ECG sensor records time and strength that is taken by an electrical signal to make a heartbeat.Based on these readings, it checks whether a person is having atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat rhythm. Here’s more about what ECG is and its importance on a smartwatch.Blood Pressure is measured when a heart pumps blood into the large blood vessels of the human circulatory system. Then the blood moves throughout the body that puts pressure on the vessel walls which is said to be the blood pressure level. Here’s more about blood pressure monitoring on smartwatches. This feature is not used in our country and in many countries. This is due to the lack of permission from the Ministry of Health.-Doing these operations will not damage your device, root it, or interfere with its software.-The only joke of this process is to activate the feature by removing the country block from the current application and installing it on the devices in the form of a clone application.-This method and all files belong to Dante63 on the XDA site.-Although I know that it is not even possible to cause any damage or void the warranty, all responsibility lies with you. After all, this is a big forum and one never knows what one will encounter.-No one should blame me for an unrelated reason 🙂 I’m already working as a technician for a certain brand. If you have a warranty situation, it is enough to reset the clock, even if you do not reset it, no one will say anything because it only appears as an application. That’s all. Just an app. Here, the only joke about installing with ADB is that it is not possible to connect a cable to the clock, so we connect to the clock with ADB commands and install the application.

How To Use?

  1. Download the file I marked with [Phone APK] to your phone.
  2. We will enable the developer options and enable ADB Debugging and then turn on Debug over Wi-Fi.Actually, everything is clear from the photos, but let me briefly explain how to open the Developer options;-Enter the settings-Download to the bottom and press About device-Go to the Software section and press the part that says Software Version (4th image) 3-4 times, then the Developer options opened warning will appear as in the 5th image.- Go back to the settings screen, and go to developer options there.-Activate the thing that says ADB debugging (you must close it when all processes are finished)-Activate Debug over Wi-Fi under a couple of lines.
  3. Go to the Wi-Fi section in Settings and connect to your own Wi-Fi network or if you haven’t connected to the Wi-Fi network your computer is connected to, and when you click there, your IP address will be written. Make a note of this.
  4. You downloaded the file I marked as [ADB + Clock APK], and extracted it from RAR. Run the file named “RUN ME – Watch4 ADB Menu.bat”. A screen like this will come up.-At this stage, we type 1 and enter, so we said to load the mod. The next screen is as follows:-Here we just type the IP address of our watch and enter it. I don’t need to say it again, the IP address shake I wrote here already does not have an IP ending with 256.As an extra, our friend who made the mod has even added stages here. I wrote the Turkish for you in the parts that appear with red text.-When you type the IP of the watch and enter, a warning will appear on the watch, wait until it arrives. Select Always allow in the incoming connection alert.then, here we enter by typing only the letter n to the question it asks if you have received any errors. So we didn’t get any errors. If you get an error, if you type y, it goes back to the IP write stage.-When we drop the file to this screen with the drag and drop method, the directory path of that file is copied. You will understand when you get the address already there. Press Enter and wait 10-20 seconds until the warning comes up. It will install successfully.
    That’s it for the explanation guys. It was easy in the past, but this method is now quite simple compared to the previous one. I will add to this message how to synchronize this ECG – Blood Pressure application with Samsung Health. Those who do not want to wait can watch the video at and do it. There isn’t much actually. We open the developer options from Samsung Health, make a few adjustments, and put the necessary file in the Download folder in the device memory and never delete it.
    Thanks for sharing friend.With respect and love to dante63 from xda.
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