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Redmi 9a,9c ISP Pinout Jumper Ways Format FRP Boot Repairing By GSM Free Equipment

Redmi 9a | 9c ISP Pinout Jumper Ways Format FRP Boot Repairing By GSM Free Equipment
Notice: (VCCQ | VCC ) Use USB Cable. Solution Redmi 9a | 9c Problem Jumper Solution Ways. Service 100% Tested Team By | #GSM_Free_Equipment | 100% working tested. Redmi 9a | 9c Jumper Image source In Image and Other Website. Redmi 9a | 9c Jumper Ways Solution Image Tutorial. Fixed Problem Jumper Way Redmi 9a | 9c. Redmi 9a | 9c Latest NO 1 Jumper Problem Solution Ways. Flash Redmi 9a | 9c With Flashing Tool Download. More Any Tools Download Please Visit: Online FRP Bypass Apk One-Click Download Site: You Can Solve Redmi 9a | 9c Problem |

➤ Why do we need Redmi 9a | 9c Pinout?
Just Like “Joint Test Action Group (JTAG)” there are specific contacts that will be of interest to the examiner. But unlike JTAG | the contacts are directly off the chip BGAs and do not go through the processor. Acquires data much faster than JTAG | enabling examiners to process more phones faster.
👉 VCC – Voltage Supply for Core (3 | 3V)
👉 VCCQ – Voltage Supply for I/O (1 | 8 – 3 | 3V)

➤ Requirement Tools
👉 Microscope
👉 Miro Solder
👉 Solder Paste
👉 0.1mm Copper Wire
👉 eMMc Flash Box (Easy JTAG Plus | Ufi Box | Medusa Pro | Etc)

➤ How To Remove Redmi 9a | 9c User Lock FRP Using UFI Dongle:
Remove the back panel of the device and connect the wire to the ISP Pinout.
Next | connect the correct ISP Pinout to the UFi Box
Check “Direct eMMC (ISP)”
Then Click on “Identify eMMc.
Connect your Redmi 9a | 9c to the PC via a USB cable.
Head over to the PC and open Device Manager.
If your device is located there | run the UFi Box.
UFI EMMC User Partition
Now Click on Special Task ► [Oppo] MasterClear ► Wipe Data Only
Now Click on Special Task ► Clear FRP Lock

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