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EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Download

Hello Sir, you will find the EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Unlock Tool Without Password Download.EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Original Frp Unlocker Tool Download. This Tool EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Unlock Tool Latest Update File problem by this is EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free tool is very helpful in resolving the bulk of issues from Android devices including flashing device, Repair IMEI, Unlock SIM Network, and Reset FRP of all Android devices, Each of our files is tested and then shared. There is no better website than to download a 100% good file. If the files are useful to you you can bookmark this website to your browser. Download EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Latest Trusted Unlock Tool by Jonaki Telecom. EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Flashing Tool Download Free For All.Download EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.3.6 EFT Pro Dongle is a dongle-protected software for unlocking, flashing and repairing smartphones. EFT Dongle is made by a large team of coders and specializes in newser chipset smartphone servicing. The dongle is pre-activated with 1-year support.

EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Download

** Tools Information !!
ADB Mode
Backup contacts (ADB)
Backup data (ADB)
Dump ROM (ADB Root)
Enable Hidden Languages (ADB Root)
Read Info (ADB)
Reboot (ADB)
Remove ScreenLock (ADB ROOT)
Remove ScreenLock (ADB)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB ROOT)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB)
Reset FRP (ADB)
Restore data (ADB)
Install APKs (ADB)
Remove apps (ADB)
Setup MoreLocale (ADB)
Unlimited and Free Bypass iCloud Untethered (without credits)
Added new interface for Apple features including the following options:
Bypass iCloud for GSM & MEID with the following features:
MEID without Network
No MEID with Network
No MEID = Gsm

Supported models:
iOS 14.X
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE
iOS 13. X
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S PLUS
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 PLUS
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 PLUS
iPhone X
Some iPad
iOS 12. X
iPhone 6G
iPhone 6 Plus
Working features after Bypass:
iCloud Sign In
Face ID
Read info from iDevices
Requirements for Bypass iCloud at Hello Screen (in Normal Mode):
JailBreak your iOS device
If your Device has MEID enabled:
The bypass will be without GSM Network
Put SIM card with PIN into the device
Connect it to the PC using a USB cable
Wait until the device appears on the PC then press Start
Flash Firmware (Download Mode)
Flash multi images (Download Mode)
Flash patched EFT files (Download Mode)
Read PIT (Download Mode)
Read Cert (ADB ROOT)
Restore Original (ADB ROOT)
Set SIM Count (ADB Root)
Write Cert (ADB Root)
Write IMEI (ADB Root)
Backup EFS (ADB Root)
Backup Security (ADB Root)
Downgrade modem [Write combo modem] (ADB Root)
Flash ENG EFS [Fix EFS errors] (Download Model)
Reset EFS (ADB Root)
Reset Security (ADB Root)
Restore EFS (ADB Root)
Restore Security (ADB Root)

ROM Editor
Fix dm-Verity (ADB-Rooted EFT Recovery)
Fix S-Health (ADB Root)
Install Google apps (ADB Root)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB Root)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB)
Remove Warning logo at boot(Download mode)
Translate Device (ADB Root)
Translate Device (ADB)
Bypass Protections
Bypass DRK –DM-Verity 2 error 2 –FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset [ScreenLock – FRP -MDM -Call Me -Samsung Account –FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset ScreenLock –FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset ScreenLock –FRP OEM OFF (Download Mode)
Reset FRP (ADB)
Reset FRP (Download Mode)
Reset FRP for old versions (Download Mode)
Reset FRP UFS (Bootloader -UART)
Flash APP Firmware (Fastboot)
Flash APP Firmware (Upgrade Mode – Fastboot)
Flash Board From XML (Fastboot)
Reset FRP [Test Point] (USB COM 1.0)
Reset FRP useing server (Fastboot)
UnBrick Device (USB COM 1.0)
UnBrick Device (EDL)
Temporary Decode Bootloader (USB COM 1.0)
Fastboot APP Firmware (Fastboot)
Read Info (Fastboot)
Temporary decode bootloader (Fastboot)
Screen Lock
Decrypt Screen Lock (ADB)
Reset Screen Lock
Read info (Boot Mode)
Reset FRP (Boot Mode)
Flash firmware (Boot Mode)
Read Scatter Firmware (Boot Mode)

Factory Reset (Boot Mode)
Format specified partition (Boot Mode)
Reset Screen Lock (Boot Mode)

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.3.5 is released :
Exclusive [Samsung] 1st the World from EASY Team Adding all languages for Samsung Android 8 to 12
— Without theme
— Without stopping the theme program
— Without turning off the backgrounds
— Without software
— Without deleting accounts
— Turn on night mode
— No loss after update
— Bugs Free
— No Data Loss
— Automatic addition, No steps from user needed
— [Apple] Added support .
— Added Auto Make IC-Info Passcode Backup (Jailbreak )
How To Use?
Step 1. Download the EFT Pro Tool software From the Above link
Step 2. Launch the software. Choose the ‘Account’ option and press ‘Register’ to register your account
Then type in your email and password. Press ‘Register’
Press ‘OK’
Step 3. Buy this activation
While placing the order, indicate the email that you used for your account registration
After your order is completed successfully, we will inform you about it via email.
Step 4. Now you can log into your account.
Enter your registered email and password. Launch the EFT Pro Tool software, click ‘Account’, and then click ‘Login’.
This activation can be used on 2 PCs only.
1 PC can be changed once in 30 days.
If you will try to use this activation on more than 2 PCs or share it for remote use, software access will be blocked.

  • Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to differences in hardware/software versions. Complete a list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

** How To Install EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free Software In your Computer !!?
** It is very easy to install this tool,
** the antivirus has to be disabled or else all your files will be blocked and it will not run.
** You need to extract the software on the desktop.,
** Then double click on the software to do YES. Setup.exe.
** If you need a Setup password, then download the Website Link.
** Some File you will have to extract all those setup files on the desktop.
** with any WinRAR software, This tool is run directly without any exe setup.
** Next, next click, You have succeeded in installing the software successfully.
** so you have to run the file directly from the tool folder.
** The tool will open in a few seconds.

** Important Note **
When you run the tool, you will show an error,
then go to the Simply Setup Fix link and install all those files.
Do not forget to restart your system after it is installed. And before downloading the setup,
the antivirus has to be disabled or else all your files will be blocked and it will not run.

** Note: All Tools Cracked box Frp Unlocker Trusted By Team. Still, Use them at Your Own Risk we are not responsible if these solutions may cause any harm to your phone.

** Software Download Information Link **
File Name: EFT Pro Dongle V4.3.6 Setup Update Free.
File type: compressed/Zip [Use 7zip or Winrar To Unzip File]
Os Support: Windows Computer[32-64 Bit]
Uploaded By:
*Virus Status: 100% Safe Scanned By Avast

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