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added mtk scatter flash in fastboot mod (unlocked bootloader require and some partitions may require bootloader_critical to be unlocked) if the fastboot is accessible you can flash almost all unlockable phones (like Tecno, infinix, Micromax) without a DA or Auth File. first, unlock the bootloader from fastboot section extract firmware to the main tool folder then go to Mediatek/SP-Flash-tools/fastboot-scatter-flasher (Note- it’s a beta feature and use at own risk)added oppo ofp decrypt (python require)fix some known issuesadded partition read option for qcom

must Wipe user data after Flashing Mediatek Firmwareif any boot loop after flashing, Just Write preloader (Which is dumped on every MTK action)for Oppo/Realme flashing delete all partitions from the firmware folder Include the Name ‘Oppo’Installation:Portable, Just extractRequire USB Driver:USBDKMTK VCOM DriverSPRD USB COM driverQCOM 9008 USB driverOPPO MTK QCOM DriverLimitations– No drag and drop, command Line Execution.Read MTK Firmware:there are 2 options to Read Firmware, First Flash.bin, and other PartitionsWWR MTK tool Requires to Extract Flash.bin or dump partition InsteadSteps:Connect phone in VCOM Mod, Go to Mediatek/Firmware reader, and click the desired buttonRead QCOM Firmware:EMMCDL Single Method, FH-Loader Not IncludedSteps:Go to QCOM/Firmware Reader Select Firehose, Select USB COM, and Click Read.Note: if any error like a firehose, Sahara, or wrong file selection may cause Immediate CMD closeDisable Auth:Go to Mediatek/service/Disable authMediatek unlocks the bootloader:Go to Mediatek/service/bootloader unlockQCOM Disable Auth:all Included devices pre-patchedOther:tryCredit:MTK Client from B.KerlerPlatform tools from GoogleAndroid LIB from [email protected] tools in unisoncompile & GUI by (Source available on Git)

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